Tomasz Sidor, Eco Ready House

“I had a pleasure to take part in strategy workshop led by Witold. He introduced me a business modeling method which opened my eyes on some aspects of my business I was not aware. During the workshop, I had an opportunity to recognise areas of potential development and improvement of my company. Personally, learned a lot from well selected case studies which showed me the practical way of using the proposed tools.
The workshop allowed me to think out which activities are crucial for my business and focus exactly on them. I highly recommend Witold as a consultant, a facilitator and a change manager. His approach to the strategic challenges is really unique: creative and at the same time, well structured and very tangible.
Thank you.”

Tomasz Sidor, CEO, Eco Ready House

Artur Krolczyk, Arthur&Simon Landscapes

“Right person, in the right place at the right time.

We’ve been in business for nine years so we’re no complete strangers to strategic planning and analyzing our business. Witold however, helped us to take those processes onto the next level.
We’re used to being extremely busy and having a thousand “great” ideas going through our minds every day. Testing and implementing those ideas is a different matter. His methodical approach and discipline in using the right tools gave us the structure that we needed so much and thought us more analytical approach in testing our assumptions.
When you’ve built your business from scratch, like we did, you’re so in love of it that you sometimes lose the objectivity, so needed to make the correct long-term decisions.
Witold makes real effort to get to know your business by asking the right questions and listening well. That allows him to guide you through the process of analyzing your business model and creating details and practical strategic and operating plan”

Artur Krolczyk, Managing Director, Arthur&Simon Landscapes.

Maria Oleksiak, TeaZone

“I have met Witold few years back at one of the networking events we both attended. It was “meant to be” meeting for both of us. It’s incredible how quickly after short chat he understood my business idea I have had that time. Thanks to Witold I found enough courage to start what I was planning and then a few months later we started our collaboration of working on my business and strategy plan.
He is my huge business support for over a year now. As a new startup business he keeps an eye on me and reminds me what we were discussing for over the months of planning.
His knowledge and experience is what every business needs. Highly recommended to all business who wants to grow their brand”

Maria Oleksiak, business owner, Tea Zone.

“When I first met Witold, his advice was an eye-opener and highlighted gaps in my own business marketing at the time. He’s great at helping you to identify the gaps and then put a plan into action to enable you to achieve results. In the short time that I have known Witold, he has shown deep market understanding and gave me a big guidance in future decision making processes. While being relentless in meeting targets, he is hard on standards but respects people.
Witold helped me to develop some strategies and methods to get people to commit to using our services. I have had to review how I use social media from now on. He is a great problem solver, and gets real results.
(…) His advice was amazing – everything you could possibly need that covers a wide range of marketing options that couldn’t fail to make a difference to your business. Witold is definitely someone worth getting to know – whether your starting, developing, stuck where you are or wanting to grow.”

Uliana Maksymiuk, Entrepreneur.

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