The challenging time have come. Just to talk about economy impact of coronavirus, I think we can objectively say it will impact all of us. And I think if we want manage with this challenge we must pull together. We need to cooperate, be more agile, more adaptable, we need to be able to focus on solutions to survive in a business in coming time.

That is why, every week I prepare a few free, slots for business entrepreneurs. So,
– if you are concerned about short and long-term impact of COVID-19 on your business,
– if you would like to explore opportunities because COVID-19,
– if you would like to mitigate threats,
– if you would like to speak about your plan B (and might be C, D…)
just simple book your free session here (apologies, not available at the moment), we can schedule a brainstorm session to start to prepare your own contingency plan.

Are you interested in a COVID-19 Brainstorm session with me, but all upcoming dates are taken? Register to the waiting list (apologies not available at the moment) – I will contact with you in case I will got any cancellations.