10 values to boost your organisational culture’s adaptability and innovation

Company (organisational) culture is one of the most important factors, which can determine the ability of your company to adapt to the changing world; to innovate and to survive.  To be able to do this, there needs to be a specific approach to change, which can be developed only if your team shares a specific set of common assumptions (values). I have been thinking about the values which can contribute to building a strong, more adaptable and innovation-boosting company’s culture.


This is the article from the series: How to adapt quickly in a rapidly changing environment?

I need to point out one important thing: Just because these values can help you build a more adaptable company, doesn’t mean I think you should develop them into your company, or that they will even fit your current culture. Let me be very clear: Every company needs to find their own set of values which will help them move forward towards greatness.


However, I think setting on these values and developing them can support better adaptability of your company.

The values are:

1. Facts Vs. Interpretation of Facts 

2. Decentralisation – where is experience located?

3. Mutual challenging

4. Learning and Sharing Knowledge

5. Responsibility

6. Inclusivity

7. Freedom

8. Exchanging feedback

9. The importance of Emotions

10. Keep positive and work outside your comfort zone



For the next 10 weeks, I will publish a weekly article and video about a value from this list. I will share case studies and examples, to illustrate how these values can help you build a better culture for your company.


I would like to thank Elvin Turner and Andy Kowalski for early feedback on this series of article.


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In order to confront the rapidly-evolving world around us, we need to have a system in place to adapt with the changes. This article is the third from the series which aims to describe basic approaches, which can help to be more responsive and adaptive. Sign up to the newsletter – so you will never miss an update!